Martell VSOP: Ultimate Start-Up Space

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Singapore
Executive Creative Director: Harry
Creative Director: Hagan de Villiers, Gary Steele, Rupert Hancock
Art Director: Simon Chew, Gary Steele, Jae Soh, Danny Teo
Copywriter: Justine Lee, Hagan de Villiers, Kestrel Lee
Designer: Simon Chew, Danny Teo
Programmer: Tony Chew
Photographer: Melviin James
Illustrator: Simon Chew, Aggie Jin
Typographer: Simon Chew, Aggie Jin
Production Manager: Sally Sim, Allan Pattiselanno
Agency Producer: Haydn Evans, Sariyantie Sannie, Sam Cooper
Account Service Credit: Jaclyn Lee, Bibianna Lee, Melanie Keppler, Christine Chionh
Client Credit: Daren Ong, Liya Zhang, Paul-Robert Bouhier
Other Credits: Gerard Rodriques, Desmond Zuzarte, Amran Yussoff, Sally Lee, Albert Pang


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3045 pencils

What's the connection between cognac and starting your own company? I'm lost.

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Shadow Ops
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Wow...did you watch the video? It's about not being a cliche. They are supplying you the means to be successful...people who are successful drink Cognac...which is a cliche, granted but they do it in a smart way.

Let's keep advertising fun

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Nice. Truely 'creating' new customers instead of seeking out the same old weathy, Cognac drinking clients.

Mandy June Stinson | WordJones

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I think it is really nice!

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it is copied from Pepsi refresh your world

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