Manifest: Circulation

Advertising Agency: Manifest Communications, Canada
Creative Director: Jim Diorio
Art Director: Paul Bonsell
Director: Andy Keen
Editor: Melanie Hider
Colourist: Tricia Hagoriles
Sound: Dustin Anstey
Music: Trevor Mann
Letter Makers: Daniel Todorov, Dave Giancroce


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Like! Very nice. The message at the end goes quite well with the mov.

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To make people aware of the issues its fine, but did the message reach the TG?

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Okay. It won't go viral.

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Good work.

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Paul Bonsell
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Thanks for the input everyone.

re: Sdb,
This stunt did very well in reaching our target group. Local media was all over this, it got a lot of attention in the right places. Follow-ups after the stunt with potential, past and existing clients were also very successful, most of them had seen media about the stunt. We got an insane amount of kudos from our target before and after reaching out to them.

My mom also read about it, which always is a measure of success for me!

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I really want to know how the got the 3D curve on that S so nice. That is not an easy shape to make out of a box.

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Paul Bonsell
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lol. believe me, you don't want to know. It involved a cat, a train set, and a giant shoe.

All the letter forms were done by cutting out the faces of the letters, and using 8 inch strips for the depth. We would first partially tape one face of the letter, and than lay the letter flat on a table (exposed tape facing up), molding the strips around the shape of the letter, and folding the tape up as we went along to tack the strips in place. Lastly placing the other face on top and taping the corners. We than taped all of the letters together to form the words. It took an insane amount of work, but was somehow really fun. You can kind of see the process on our website at http://www.ifmanifest.com/ there is a little time-lapse of the making of the letters.

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It's nicely done, but the look is reminiscent of an award-winning campaign that was done recently by another Canadian agency.


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