Cologne Store Opening Campaign

March 2010
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What is the one and only essence of a high performance outdoor brand like Mammut? - The mountains, climbing, the highest mountain ever? The campaign starts with city lights and radio challenge requesting the Mammut target group to participate in a climb of the highest building in Cologne - the 165 meter high Cologne tower close to the new Mammut store. Many aspiring participants entered, but only two could be selected. The climbing challenge would begin between the two semi-finalists who had to successfully complete three tasks successfully as sleeping in a porter ledge on the Mammut store wall (outside). Based on the points gains from the tasks a winner would be chosen to climb the Cologne tower. There can only be one winner and there was. A girl named Heidi had won the challenge and accepted the challenge of climbing up the cologne tower under supervision of an expert top Mammut mountain guide from Mammut’s own alpine school. 165meters up Heidi and her guide planted the Mammut flag on top of the highest point in Cologne. The entire campaign and promotion was broadcast live radio and streamed to via official Mammut blog and Facebook site.

Advertising Agency: Mr Creative Rebel, Munich, Germany
Creative Director: Dominik Heinrich

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