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July 2010

I wanted to pass along this Malibu Flash Mob video that went live on Friday. It was filmed in front of an unsuspecting audience on June 22nd at City Hall Park in NYC, and showcases Malibu's enduring passion for the lively fun that only summer provides. It's being distributed primarily through social-media channels and represents Malibu Rum's continued commitment to interacting with fans through the creation of original web content. It was created by the Thomas Collective, shot by Bluebeard Productions and choreographed by Tweetie, known for her work with Shakira, Jay-Z, and Destiny's Child.

Ambient advertisment created by The Thomas Collective, United States for Malibu, within the category: Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: The Thomas Collective, USA
Production Company: Bluebeard Productions
Creative Director: Kimberly Howard
Producer: Lisa Cifuentes
Production Coordinator: Dan Cerruti
Directors: Ben Mcintire, Danny Abel
Second Production Coordinator: Julia Simpson
DP: Ben Mcintire
Camera Ops: Andrei Bowden Schwartz, Real Sprague, Jesse Bull
Jip Op: Brandon Sumner
Editor: Danny Abel
Choreographer: Tweetie
Colorist: Danny Abel
Sound Design: Dale Bigall
Costume Designer: Cara Alpert
Hair / Makeup: Karina Cifuentes

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it's so nice

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Empiezan a aburrir ya los flash mob, eran divertidos porque sorprendían. Es ya una estrategia de MK/Media caduca. Y demuestra falta de imaginación por parte de quien la diseña como acción de MK.

Flash mobs are already boring, they were funny because they were caught. It is already a expired MK strategy. And it shows lack of imagination from whoever create it as a MK action.

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Soooo tired of flash mobs. Gah.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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I feel the same as Sirvan...boring!

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We're sick of the flash mob, the Mexican masks, the stop motions, of athletes who do impossible things in viral, optical illusions, agencies that hire creative without imagination.
A little bit of courage, please.

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I agree!!!

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I can understand why creators are tired of flash mobs, but what about the average guy? I've never seen a flash mob in real life, nor do I know of anyone who has.

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Shadow Ops
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We should start implementing our own Advertising Secret Service to eradicate the term flash mob from agency and client briefs and wish lists. It's the new "viral" video. I guarantee once clients start seeing these they'll want one and then we're all sunk. Though I did like the Malibu Bikini Girls in the fountain. Wardrobe gets an A+

Let's keep advertising fun

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oh!!!! un flash mob!!!!!! que original!!!!

Pau Marquès
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*** Yawn***

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For me this is not a flash mob, its a film. Minute 2:13, you see the camera arm.

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Awesome !