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Bull's Eye

Great idea! But how many people will try to get them off again?

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Guest commenter

I'd probably be the asshole that starts throwing cans to the billboard out of fascination.
Fun idea though :)

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Crisp One
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cans are aluminum..........with that in mind, yes, you would still look like an asshole, but a shortbus one.

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Guest commenter

can someone please translate?

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dude... i don't think magnet attracts coins..... besides what magnetic power it will need for a throwing projectile to be stuck!!

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Guest commenter

coins aren't magnetic. at least not in the US.

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besides physical aspects... great concept!

just wait to someone to collect other's coins...

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Coins are magnetic here in Brazil.

I live in Curitiba and yes, that wall is high.

And the billboard stays a few meters behind it.

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got to try it with my 63 beetle

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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I'd like to throw Wolverine on it

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Guest commenter

why not Magneto?

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why not Magneto?

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GO, Enzo, Go!

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Guest commenter

Too god to Cannes

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The design is a bit weird but the concept is nice and have a hard time understanding it after my friend told me about the meaning. The making of these style could have been very hard for some people but the idea was alright in a sense that the can has some magnets to it but it doesn't.