Maes: A barrel of Maes for everyone with the name Maes

Maes is Belgium’s second most popular beer but also Belgium’s 3rd most common surname. So since there is no joy in being second Maes beer gave a free barrel of Maes to all the people with the name Maes. They just had to sign up on Facebook, choose a pub and share the date – and their beer – with all of their friends. The campaign was created by TBWA and broke quite some records. The Facebook fanpage made it into the 6% most active pages worldwide, 1 out 20 Belgians visited the website and the amount of fans tripled in 1 day.

Advertising Agency: TBWA, Brussels, Belgium
Creative Directors: Jan Macken, Gert Pauwels
Creatives: Jasper Declercq, Ivo Mertens, Geert Verdonck, Menno Buyl, Chiara de Decker, Pol Sierens
Account team: Jochen De Greef, Marko Van Dyck
Strategy: Kacper Wozniak


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Very well done.

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