M.A.D. School: Brightest Bulbs

M.A.D. School (by Chatsworth Mediart Academy) celebrated a decade of creating the brightest bulbs on 21 June 2013. We hit hotspots in Singapore with the brightest bulbs to celebrate, including gatecrashing a live football match. More than just celebrating our birthday, we launched a new identity with a more befitting tagline of "Thinker First. Creative Second." It’s our way of saying we place strategic thinking above creativity. We want our students to think before they create. Our digital RSVP entails sending invitees a DM comprising a credit-card sized flat bulb and instructions on downloading the Layar AR app via their smartphone. After scanning the propped-up bulb via the app, an AR video is launched depicting a campaign video. A Facebook button brings them to ‘Brightspotter’, a Facebook app where they can RSVP in a fun way. When celebrating a decade of creating the brightest bulbs, we need pretty bright ideas.

Executive Creative Director: Kim Lee
Art Director: Liang Anyi
Designer: Terry Chan
Programmer / Producer: Angie Dang
Copywriters: Kim Lee, Dillon Tan
Videographer / Editor: Juliana Johan


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36280 pencils


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1326 pencils

nothing special. no one will watch it till the end

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