Lottery Scratch Ticket

December 2007

A single coin may have a great effect, if you use it wisely.

Advertising Agency: DRAFTFCB KOBZA, Vienna, Austria
Creative Director(s): Patrik Partl
Art Director: Andreas Gesierich
Jr. Art Director: Daniel Senitschnig
Copywriters: Florian Schwab, Eva Sommeregger
Graphic Design: Kerstin Schudo

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J.Zdaniuk's picture
Activity Score 74

I like the campaign and the way different executions are explored. I think that is key in holding people's attention with a subject that for most is so abstract and doesn't feel personally relevant.

Wordnerd's picture
Activity Score 6692

I like it very much, too. especially the fact, they managed to make ads for amnesty with a positive feeling instead of rubbing the horror into your eyes like most social ads.

fredericostardust's picture
Activity Score 26

Been done, many times. Once several years ago by a student, won several awards. Also done for a wildlife non-profit- on AOTW a short time ago.

adrianapr's picture
Activity Score 1254

agree. it's not new and it was in AOTW too.

imke's picture
Activity Score 472

I do agree with all the comments in AOTW...each of them makes 6th sense.

"No think is impossible"

idyeah's picture
Activity Score 29

idyeah-make sense