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good way to impart message

"selling is advertisment"

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john doe
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nice and simple... and quite effective for a small budget, i guess.

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Nice and to the point.

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Why in ambients you have to include the result of the action??

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for the awards, this one won´t win...

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vvvvvvery b.b.b.bad

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Didn't find it to be that bad. I think if you have a child then you may be able to appreciate it more.

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I think it is pretty good.

It looks like the letter are cut out from wood, which is durable and reusable.
And since labor is cheep in Ukraine it makes for a very officiant campaign.

If anything, the copy could be better, but maybe it was better before translation.
Overall I like it and is seems like it worked, so good job!

Annya A.Uslontseva ¦ Graphic Designer ¦ www.auadesign.com

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Blair Semenoff
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15% not bad.....

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sweet, very cute and low cost

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