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There;s so much about this that feels wrong -- not just from an advertising standpoint but from an ethical one as well. It's just layering too many things (using beggars with masks to sell the point of pirated music?) that the desired point would get lost pretty early.


No, I am not a media buyer.

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any ideas what your saying a media sucker..?

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Guest commenter

Question: So when the beggar is approaching the individual as shown, are they explaining to them the reason they're in masks, or are they relying on big sign to do so? Also, the first thought that would come to my head would not be, "Hey, I should really stop pirating music," it would be, "That mini Bono was creepy as hell."

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this is tasteless.

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Guest commenter

I agree with all the comments above.
I think this is creepy and very insensitive..

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What the ad is saying to me is "Stop buying pirated music otherwise multi-millionaire artists won't get the money they deserve." Doesn't that strike you as odd?

This ad is more likely to encourage music piracy, rather than discourage it. After all, why give money to super-rich artists? You could give it to beggars hawking pirated CDs, people who really need money! Confusing.

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:) i agree do they think we have sympathy for J. Lo?

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sandeep singh

disturbing...huh :(

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The ad is making a clear point that piracy has ruined the life of artists.

Mukesh Lekhwani

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Guest commenter

wat i think is, just because the artists are rich enough so piracy dose not matter is totally crap.
wat if this same things happens with anyone amongst. u work hard and u deserve every single penny u earn. even these artists have seen the lows of life. These artists do contribute to the society in their own way and it does not give us any liberty to take away their right. i think this communication is totally apt and to the point.

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i love the logo of the music shop.and i like this one.......its good.

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Guest commenter

I anyways wudnt care if eithr f dem dont earn even a single penny!!!

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This is so lame... :)

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Guest commenter

Hard to believe that people are making such things - insane

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Guest commenter

I've seen a lot of stupid ads here on this blog, but this one is not only stupid but terribly wrong!!!
By making baggars wear masks you you want to make the the people give their money not to the beggars but to super-rich artists like Bono???

This really is the worst ad I've seen in a very long time!!! You should be ashamed for this piece of sh***! I'm so angry it makes me want to download some music!

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Yeesss, I can see J LO as a poorest little thing on a planet....

Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle.

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Guest commenter

kudos to do something like that and that too in India. great task Hive. its applaudable a way to communicate the message and its appropriately showing the plight of the artists. keep goin

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why would anyone feel sorry for multimillionaires like bono, j lo etc? Using real beggars and homeless is not the best solution to address this problem. I would rather give the money to a homeless, which really needs it, than to any of thos artists. this just doesn't work

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Guest commenter

the client ripped of their name from limewire hahahaha!!!!

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Guest commenter

damn gud!!

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haha one of the most terrible ad i have seen lately

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i think they shud stick to making honey in the hive. not money. and definitely not ads.

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Then why in Eastern Europe a dvd or a bluray costs double than in USA?

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