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Nice interaction.
But when someone turns it off: That´s it? no one else sees the message?

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Jaap Grolleman
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Yeah, not sure how many people would turn it on again. I wouldn't, mainly because if I see a switch that size I wouldn't think it work anyway. Don't wanna look stupid on the street trying to switch a busposter on.

Great idea though but I feel it won't work the full 100%.

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Well, they may install automatic on/off sensors as the machine detects the human-presence. Also to switch it off, manually.

What do you say?

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yes you are right i think. it should be like that. otherwise its waste of money for company.

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solid ideas don't need cheap gimmick.

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good ambient


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is it automatically switch on !?

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Juan Cabral
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Hmm... The idea is to turn off the lights, isn't it? So why the message is just seen when it´s turned on?

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Just a little less copy

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i like it !!!!!!!!!!

Rattan Makkar

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Hmm... Doesn't turn on an off the light more frequent cause more use of electricity/energy?

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