Literacy: Scale

Books are placed on one plate of a weighing scale while its other plate is left empty. Above this empty plate is a groove in the box for coins/currency notes to be dropped through. The money dropped will eventually weigh down on the plate, raising the plate on which the books have been kept, and symbolically, will raise Literacy.

Visualiser: Nirav Mehta, Copy Writter: Shikhar Eish Casewa, Creative Directior: Shiveshwar Raj Singh


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Rick Neltner
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Nice Work. Keep it up.

- murali duggineni.

murali duggineni

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murali duggineni

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best idea

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Pat Flannery
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That's really cool.

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hey shikhar bhaiya - brilliant ad

creative masterpiece and amazing execution. but, from a technical and scientific perspective, the weight of coins is much greater than the notes. Literacy would rise faster due to more coins, and in monetary terms, the total amount would be lesser.

Nevertheless, im really proud that you made this, and lets meet some time


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Shut Theory
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lllloving it!

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