Listerine: Embossed letter

We needed to encourage dental professionals to try Listerine Advanced Tartar Control, and then recommend regular use of it to their patients.

Dentists had never seen anything like this before. The mailing was pure white; it appeared to have nothing on it. On closer inspection, the recipients could see the letter copy was written in an embossed font - as opposed to being printed in black ink. It acknowledges the importance of keeping your teeth white and how hard dentists work to help their patients achieve this. Particularly relevant to this sceptical audience, it also pointed out the benefits of Listerine in combating tartar. The letter directs to a fold-down reply slip for requesting samples and subscription to a magazine.

The mailing was sent to 25,404 Dental Professionals, with a target of 2,032 responses (8%). We actually received 3,487 responses (172% over the target). This led to an additional 34,920 opportunities for Dentists to recommend Listerine Advanced Tartar Control and to supply samples to their patients. With 83,688 recommendations overall, this level of recommendation will translate into £67,260.05 in patient sales of Listerine (in our first year), giving us a positive ROI of £2.99 per £1 of budget spent, for the campaign.

Advertising Agency: RMG Connect, London, UK
Executive Creative Director: Guy Bradbury
Creative Business Partners: Bob Anderson, Dan Colley
Art Director: Darren O'Beirne
Copywriter: Jonathan Meatyard
Senior Planner: Julie Borrows
Senior Account Manager: Clare Greenhalgh
Account Executive: Emma Shuttleworth
Business Director: Benedict Evans


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Shafri Ahmad

I don't get this idea at all. What's the emboss technique got to do with Listerine and the overall idea? Even the copy is confusing and could be wrong. And this ad is from London?


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the paper is white. Like teeth should be.

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ahh Shafri,

i wonder, do you work in advertising? If so, then I don't think it will be for long my friend. You should actually take the time (clearly out of your busy online surfing schedule) to get hold of piece and make an informed decision about the work before firing off some premature " I don't get it" comment.

And more to the point, who the fuck says 'Geez'? Where are you from, the 1950s?

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it appeared to have nothing on it. On closer inspection, the recipients could see the letter copy was written in an embossed font
Even without closer inspection you can see straight off it's embossed. I love how agencies trump their own works especially when they're mediocre. I doubt very many dentist getting this in the post would think 'oh wow! it's got no ink, it's so white, just like their product will do for my patients teeth'.
More than likely the promise of a free magazine got the responses.

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Guest star


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Ad Junkie At Large
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it's to gimmiky

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Here again: the new viewing window adds nothing, and doesn't serve its purpose.

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Guest star

yeah, the old preview was so much better... too bad that every site has to use this gimmick thang these days...

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Strong, simple idea. Beautifully executed. And it worked.

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Simple and clear DM.... fresheshing and different

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