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The same was done by Colenso BBDO for a Star Wars episode about 7 years ago.

Still nice though.

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Please put this on your site Jo La Pompe.

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Nice idea. However the light sabers don't look like that. If they could have put translucent colouring infront of them to make them look more accurate that would be cool. None the less it attracts attention, I'd look at it, I'd think about it, I'd get it then I'd consider the free lightbulbs.

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Expected, it may be.
But cool, this still is.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Awesome... wish you woul've covered 2 lights with different col. papers..

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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Cool !!!

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First thought, but a good one.

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Cool... but what if we added like a handle to the bottom of the panel. wont it look close to a lightsaber then?

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My thoughts exactly!

I think; therefore I am

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I think that would be overkill. It's nice the way the light hints at lightsabres without actually having to spell it out. It works because it's subtle. Add the handles and it's on its way to being a groaner.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Very strong counterargument.
The power of suggestion is still a precious commodity in visual communication..

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No, i think it is fine as it is, because of its simplicity. If you go and add colours and handles like suggested here, you are making a board again. You are just making some sort of translucent poster.
This way (the true briliance) It is so simple, just because they did not use a poster at all! they only made a payoff.

...and let the poets cry themselves to sleep. And all their tearfull words would turn back into steam

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Good Idea.

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Psycho Pirate
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I'm with Minimum on this one. I like its simplicity and its "happy coincidence" factor. I don't know if it's a great ad or if it's going to be a winner, but if I walked by this sign, I'd think it's quite cool.

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Sir Edmund Adstein
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I remember the Colenso BBDO campaign, Star Wars is back.
it had trash baskets as R2D2, and cinammon buns like princess Leia,
and the light saber was just one neon at the bus stop.
Really good, fun ads, one of the first guerrilla actions.

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If the idea within the first 3 seconds, don't tweak already.

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the idea is Nice but the execution no much...

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expected for a long time, since I was a child.

but never tought it could be like this...

well done !

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