Flower Wraps

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April 2010

Ambient advertisment created by Grey, Romania for Lenor, within the category: House, Garden.

Advertising Agency: Grey Bucharest, Romania
Creative Director: Claudiu Dobrita
Art Director: Bob Toma
Copywriter: Alex Strimbeanu
Additional credits: Roxana Matasel, Eugen Alexe, Mihai Draghici, Alina Nita, Vlad Gheorghiu

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Thx, I was sure I have seen this before.

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One mention though - same client, same company and same creative. No need to be rude.

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i can't even spell my name without 'ad'

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Noone is rude, we all know it's the same client, same agency.

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Nice. I like the connection between the product and flowers and vice versa.

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to offer a bunch of flowers with a so commercial, so vulgar decoration,.. sorry, good idea but bad execution

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simple, could work, but you got to be careful what flowers to choose.. not every flower smells nice ;)

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Nice idea.

Simple ideas are the best !

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attention grabber - that's what makes a brand a BRAND!
simple yet effective idea.

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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hmmm, aren't fabric softeners meant to sell 'making your clothes soft' more than the fragrance itself?

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ever heard of USP?

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Like the idea, pretty smart (although not new) but the execution is pretty tacky. Could be far more premium and classy with the design. If I received this from a loved one I would immediately take the flowers out and put them in a vase, I would want to it away!

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@hufflepoff Isn't a car just a means to take you from A to B?
Generally yes, but when all fabric softeners do this by definition, what is your differentiator then? Some build on touch, some on "pleasurable in-wear-sensation" (pardon my client service language), others on fragrance, and some take them altogether and put them in their window.