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Even worse than the shopping cart. Seriously who would use this? And who except for the user would even know this is an ad for Lays? Others will see that person and just think he's wearing mitts for some odd reason but not know why.

Also, I can't imagine store clerks taking the effort to clean those mitts from the inside. Think of all the germs that are in there from all the people that use it... if anyone even wants to use it.

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Hi Ray, I can see your still a student. It doesn't matter. We all have to learn...

I think that it draws a lot of attention in the store and leads the consumer tot the POP. Don't think of the germs, think of the sellingresults at the end of the day when the gloves will (probably) be removed. And also the top of mind concerning the proposition of Lay's Baked that is well told by this idear. That's what counts, for Lay's and te Agency.


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hi marceagle, u r not a student?

no store will allow that wired thing in. it occupy more space, it could made customers don't want to put hands in...

as person should think more about what could really run.

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i will not put my hand into the oven mitts...seriously is disgusting

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Hi Marceagle, I can see that you like to try to sound smarter than you actually are. It doesn't matter. We all have to learn...

Despite the germs and usability issues, this ad is intrusive and just looks plain silly. I would see this ad and think of how stupid it is before I think of actually buying Lay's potato chips.

And for the record, no I am not a student. I work at an agency.

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i wont touch it either

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