Laura Holzmann: Graffiti

Ogilvy Action Yunes: I want to get in.

Laura Holzmann, an Argentinian creative. She wanted to get in to Ogilvy in Cordoba, Argentina. She tried to call them but didn't get an answer. She had the idea to make a graffiti in front o the agency (pictured on the bottom right). The graffiti included her website address. Suddenly they called her next morning. She did get an interview, but not the job. Still happy about the experience she published about it on the internet and got popular. She was interviewed by a local TV channel. Soon this action was seen by other agencies and Buenos Aires and they called her for work.

Creative: Laura Holzmann
Street artist: Mariano Fernández
Published: June 2009


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I'm speechless...combined with a feeling of awe.

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better use the billboard next to the graffitti

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Well done to her, I think thats superb!

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That's brilliant!

I just wondered if I could do something like this, near Ogilvy London...........

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very nice

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Oh!!! Tank you all!
AssassinX, in this case the action was appropriate because it is just ogilvy office that make this kind of actions and promos. It`s an action for an agency that makes it. Think of something that catches their attention in London, and tell me how things are going for you. Good Luck!

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Laura, muy original. Lo vi y me llamo la atenciòn. No se si entraste o no, yo te llamo al toque para que seas parte del staff.
Igual si no ingresaste mejor... el rumor es que estàn BROKEN.
Igual, segui con tu libertad.

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Grande Lala!!! Fanatismo y resultados aparte, la idea es genial. Te felicito por cómo te sigue yendo, porque te lo merecés. Buena vida y un beso linda!

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jajajaja malaso!

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the true
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muy estratégico, felicitaciones para ella.

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laura, one needs to have the kind of passion you executed. great work dude. you rock.keep up the spirit. you will go miles. all the best.

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its very nice !!..liked da idea

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Love it!

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interesante idea y motivacion

Laura no hay porque rogarle a nadie por trabajo
si tienes talento y no te contratan alguien mas lo hara

saludos :P

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hace ese graffiti en Londres y los que te van a ir a buscar van a ser los canas! por daño a la propiedad privada! jajajaajj

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Talento y te contratan. Por que talento es mucho más una buena idea para entrar.
Son buenas ideas para no salir, para que no te echen.
De eso tu sabes bastante Laura

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