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I'm no earthologist, but ain't nothing growing on that soil.
And please stop telling me to do shit. Instead, tell me what Ecological Justice is and stands for. I see trees everywhere Iook. Is a lack of trees really the problem? Probably not. What else about Ecological Justice can you talk about? Dig. Then dig some more.
Plus, making it a actual puzzle doesn't make up for a semi-thought out idea.

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I love it...very smart

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I don't think it's semi-thought, Boyko...
I think it's very very smart, at least I see something really NEW with puzzles (so overused...).

Although I don't think this agency exists (sorry if I'm wrong, the names are real weird), i think the did a very good job.

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FYI, the agency exists in Indonesian since 2000, handles international brands as well local prominent brands. Their vision is to be the center of creative mind. This work is one of their creations to participate in Global warming conference that will be held in Bali on Dec 3-14, where 190 delegations + 300 NGO from all over the world will attend.

| eijdA |

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Thanks, kristiaji. Good to know that it´s real.
Anyway I like it, as I said. I think it´s clever.

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Very smart ^_^ i like it
clever use of puzzle

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to kill the plants again?

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good ... GOOD... G O O D!

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