Kraš: I have a Kraš on you

Teenagers in Croatia feel that local brands such as Kraš are old-fashioned, and they prefer imported chocolate brands, which they feel are more contemporary. The main creative idea of the campaign was to exploit the similar pronunciation of "Kraš" and the English word "crush" in the campaign headline: "I have a Kraš on you".

The goal was to make an emotional connection between the person you have a crush on and the chocolate itself, presented as a gift from one user to another. To achieve this, we developed the microsite, where users could exchange ‘love’ messages with their Facebook friends. We also developed and built a real chocolate-making machine, which produced real Kraš chocolates with the users' personalized messages printed on the packaging. Users were able to claim their sweet gifts from the machine in real time, inside a shopping mall.

Video production:

Advertising Agency: Drap, Zagreb, Croatia
Creative Director: Davor Runje
Art Director: Ana Petak
Copywriters: Ivan Durgutovski, Aleksa Tatalović
Illustrator: Ivan Durgutovski

February 2014


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11519 pencils

You really had to make a case study THIS long for this basic idea?

An axe murderer of ads.

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Cut the crap guys, this is very far from original and it shouldn't be winning any awards.

"Sex sells. Truth even better." - A friend

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Davor Runje
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Of course, giving away chocolates with personalized messages on Valentine's day is far from original, but that's not the point of this campaign. The main idea is to use the word play "Kraš" and "crush" to make an emotional connection between the Kraš brand and your loved ones.

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I agree.

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Sentences like this are the reason people hate those who work in advertising lol. Still, it's a very boring and basic idea. Guess it works tho.

An axe murderer of ads.

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It's ok... just that

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