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Activity Score 1464

popping cysts! yum!

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| everartz |

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Tiago Canada
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niceee tattooo, who's tha girl rodrigo?

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Activity Score 1464

popping cysts! yum!

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Activity Score 36

Cool poster!

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Activity Score 987

It really invites you to touch, well done.

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Activity Score 94

ahhh yess, the pleasure of popping bubble wrap, very clever. and if I relax with that, then in an interesting lateral way, I might buy into the shiatsu massages, so well done.

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very cool! like it

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a branded tramp stamp? okie dokie..
"Our factories make cosmetics. We sell hope." -M.Factor

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Very very very cool. I like it.
But where is the boat splash??

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A.G. Pennypacker
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I thought popping bubble wrap was a sign that you are nervous, not relaxed.

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nice gaijin
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ribs cracking? that's not a very relaxing thought.

I really like the idea, but walking by this, I wouldn't expect anyone to know to press on it, even though it's written there. It's unexpected, so there needs to be more of a prompt for the audience to interact with the poster.

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Activity Score 419

Awesome stuff

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Activity Score 137

very clever.. i want to be pressed.

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anyone noticed that it's only gonna work once?

better as a dm than a poster methinks.

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The Man Who Nev...
Activity Score 19

Great Work.

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Rodrigo Renzo
Activity Score 14

I would not only press, I would GRAB or LICK!

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