Knorr Soups: Time for soup

The campaign is called “Time for Soup” (Czas na zupe) and it aims at showing the Poles that a vegetable soup is a healthy dish, which can be eaten anywhere and any time. In 9 Polish cities, the tramways were branded inside and out. During the free tramway ride, the passengers were served a soup, received various information about vegetables in the diet and got free recipes for vegetable soups.

Advertising Agency: AHA, Poland
Released: October 2007


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142 pencils

Should be a successful BTL...

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knorr soups are soooooooooooooooo healthy...

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I don't know anything about poland's traditional soup or knorr's but there are very very sexy girls in Warsaw. they rock. :)

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-ve critic

seems a very expensive BTL

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terrible idea... eating in a dirty tramway...

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umm.... its hardly a cunning use of the environment

i mean why dont i just totally brand a toilet and server soup in there.

it would be better to brand an area that actually gets cold...i mean we are talking poland here. like a bus shelter where people are cold and waiting around and would welcome some warming soup....just an idea.

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