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Very good fake idea.

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Not fake, 100% real and good!

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Yeah it is good, but it won't reach that many people...
Only the ones who liked those specific glasses enough to try them on.

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Seriously, do these kind of ambient ads *ever* reach anything beyond a fringe audience? Like so many others posted around here, it simply requires too much on the part of the viewer (who, in this case, is more likely to just put the glasses back on the rack and not even bother looking at the tag) -- it's just a lot of wasted effort for minimal return.

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the promo ran only a few day's before the media picked it up.
That is what these kind of ambient ads *are* all about,
they 're not just for those who tried them on.
And ofcourse it is not a fake idea, check www.kngfgeleidehonden.nl

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I'd still be curious to know, in hard numbers, just how effective this campaign proved to be. I'm guessing, probably not much. It's the kind of thing you can look at and go "aww", but you're not really motivated to *do* anything.

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Nice job! They do really good work for KNGF Guidedogs!

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they mix the cool spec with ugly sunglasses ~~haha

sure higher the chances people will pick it and try~~~

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