Invisible chair

May 2010

KLM Economy Comfort Product with Ramana at Manchester Airport T2


KLM airlines has launched a new “‘Economy Comfort zone in response to customer demands for greater comfort and more choice in Economy Class on intercontinental flights.” To publicize their new spaces on board (i.e. up to ten centimeters more legroom and back supports that can recline twice as far), they put a man sitting on what looks to be an invisible chair at the Manchester Airport.

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Its Magic.....Surely????

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great idea :)
i think that the secret is in his right leg that fixed on floor may be he also cant change his position because there is some kind of strong seat inside his clothes :D i donno is some one agree with me ?

Mohamed El Mahdy

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That's how it works :)


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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that's right. there was similar art project couple years ago:

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Wow! that's really cool. The faces in the video is all the proof you need that this was a great idea. I wonder how they did it. My guess is the shoe is bolted to the floor and there is some sort of chair in his pants.

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Reality Check
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Stop wasting time and go to Manchester to see KLM Airlines: Invisible chair right now.

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5 minutes of astonishment on bypassing faces, that sure adds to the idea.

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Living ambient!


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hahahaha nice idea :)


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nacho movete
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cool !

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Really nice. I love seeing the reactions to the display.

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hmm.. this really works


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"Yogis" in India are making living out of this for centuries. Yet I do find this execution effective and relevant...

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I Love Mondays
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I absolutely love this. People won't forget this brand in a hurry

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Maybe the guy is an amputee. Those legs could be actually solid metal (the right welded to the the floor) up to the man's upper legs or the point of amputation. Then the metal would continue on as a flat sheet to seat the amputee, and extending further to his back for him to recline on. Why amputee? It would be impossible to stay in one cross-leg position for 5 minutes or more.

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Does anyone know what the music that's used is?

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Two strong magnets that face each other, repel each other. The foot on the box base is to keep him from 'sliding' off of the magnetic field. Charley in Alaska

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Strong magnetic fields (even ones apposing each other) would have quite a large health and safety risk, it would need signs, cordoned off areas, etc so I don't think its magnets.

Phill B

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Its Magic.....Surely????