KitKat: Chair posters

KitKat Chair Posters placed strategically at the entrance of the parks and squares, the KitKat poster can be assembled into chairs to “Have a Break.”

Advertising Agency: JWT, Auckland, New Zealand
Executive Creative Directors: Peter Ogden, Angus Hennah
Art Director: Jordan Young
Copywriter: Mike Ramsay
Account Supervisor: Simon Fitch
Senior Account Manager: Louisa Redshaw
Photographer: Troy Goodall
Production Manager: Darryn Warhaft
Production: Carl Moody at Bootleg
Head of TV & Content: Megan Robertson


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3647 pencils

Expensive for low impressions, but pretty cool nonetheless.

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nice idea but maybe you could a symbol that is more readily associated with a break =')

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this is seriously good!

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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Like this idea a lot.

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is it eatable?

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Phil Lestino
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Exactly a poster mmade of real kit kat that you could eat...that would be popular!

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Holly Boy
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nice ! very nice !

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made of the rainforest-trees?

no good idea after the scandal…

regards from germany

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credits to the designer who did the chair

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so it's a break to put together a chair? lmao

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