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that work for thai traditional style it's not for international but it's done 555

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Funny, this one works for me...
The only thing I don't get is why they are wearing elmets...

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They are wearing helmets because they don't want to be identified ... Kia, huaaa ...

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@guest: Real pit crews usually wear helmets for the same reasons drivers do.

@peak900: If that "joke" is any indication of your creative ability, hopefully you don't work in the ad business.

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Just wouldn't read as a pit crew if they weren't wearing helmets. Even with the body suits.

Client idea, no doubt :)


"I saw a subliminal ad executive once, but only for a second." - The Wright


I have thousands of pencils and $1.50 so I'm off to Starbucks

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Dee Myster

Maybe cuz fast moving pineapples could cause serious harm...

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Moe Al_mahayni
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Don't they have photoshop?

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125hp? for a pickup? you gotta be kidding me!

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ok. but what does it look like? it's not a benz so you can make an ad without the product...

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Same old twist reality b/c it's faster formula. yawn.

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hehe, not that bad!

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Blue Koala
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take more time on photoshop first.
it ruins the humor in the ads.
Just an opinion.

Just an opinion.

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Idea is good but the bad photoshopping ruins half of the impression.

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Guest commenter

Jajajajaja... Buena idea... Felicitaciones...
"Critica sólo lo que puedas hacer mejor"

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The NASCAR pit is quite a trend in ads these days. Not sure if it's needed here. They're talking about cargo load for the Kia, no?

Photoshopping isn't believable yet. Keep working on it!

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forget about photoshop, take the damn picture. well, if kia really bought the ad and has some money for production, that is.
by the way, ivan, this is not an ambient execution. it probably belongs in the print archive. cheers.

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so i've heard that the reason why the lexus was more successful in their campaign that the infiniti was because lexus showed the car and infiniti didn't. the target market likes to see the car. i guess since it's ads of the world, there is creative license to do it, but i wouldn't be surprised if it was a killed ad.

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that work for thai traditional style it's not for international but it's done 555