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Karma is clothing and home accessories store which also offers customize t-shirt where customers can put whatever they want on the t-shirt. We use their T Shirt as the media.

Advertising Agency: Dentsu Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia
Creative Director: Widi Hartono
Art Directors: Galuh Kesumanjati, Rama Rizky
Copywriter: Widi Hartono, TB Perdana

December 2009


and the boat's picture
and the boat
25 pencils

these t-shirts ain't good looking

amchamas's picture
92 pencils

Not even the Salvation Army would accept this T-shirt

cruzialx's picture
194 pencils

T-shirts are for promos no need to pay for advertisement for a "T"

kingzeus's picture
260 pencils

not good...

"you are valued for your value so be valuable..."

silvi's picture
4172 pencils

I don´t get the sense of this. Please, somebody explain. Thanks.

KoOk's picture
2 pencils

Exactly the same of a campaign of an italian agency in 2003:


Jakarta Jack's picture
Jakarta Jack

Obviously scam.

This idea has been around for ages in the form of a plain shirt with the copy YOUR COMPANY LOGO HERE. Can be found in all incentive catalogs around the world.

One more thing: do not steal images from other companies (Facebook - "your picture here") and pass them off as your own.

ilham syahrulla's picture
ilham syahrulla
31 pencils

poorly done + poor design i'd rather wear my fake bathing ape t-shirts :) and it's only 3$

cef's picture
547 pencils

and did it really work???

CuriousPencil's picture
4225 pencils

Meta advertising.

Ivan, if you're running agency ads, you should really ask them to pay.

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