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not bad. one suggestion though, a simpler figure might be more enticing. instead of a human contorting, how about a figure like the one that illustrates how to use a piece of gym equipment? and one more, if you can avoid blocking the sidewalk, please do.

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i'm guessing the human contortion is because it's a yoga gym or something. anyone can pump iron, most folks can't do what she's doing.

and yeah agree there's no need to block the sidewalk like that.

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i like the idea.

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Awesome Great idea

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good job, i like it.

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Simple, but has enough drama to draw attention.

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Guest commenter

I walk by this most mornings. It is usually tucked under the awning of the Yoga supply store it is advertising and not in the way of pedestrians. I think its pretty clever. I stopped and checked it out the first time I saw it.

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Guest commenter

this looks like this is on 4th street in vancouver, and i never ever saw this before.

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Jokevertising at its best. another one-off

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Thanx a lot, great pic. Just postet it on http://www.blickedeeler-logbuch.de/2012/09/ambient-media/

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