Kaegi: Kaegimat

Share a photo and get a Kaegi fret for free. Kaegi introduced the brand new Kaegimat. Find this “vending machine” at unexpected places, for example somewhere in the mountains, and share a photo of you and the Kaegimat with your friends at Facebook. Immediately, you will get a QR-code to your smartphone to change with a chilled Kaegi fret for free.

Advertising Agency: JEFF Communications GmbH, Zurich, Switzerland
Creative Director / Managing Partner: Philip Eggenberger
Project Manager: Peter Day
Video Production: ahundredandten
Published: September 2013


kleenex's picture
34600 pencils

I will take a machine.

paicy's picture
33 pencils

what a refreshingly nice idea, they get publicity for free and i get a candy bar. yay

someone is grinning like the cheshire cat!

cwriter79's picture
855 pencils

That's a lot to do for a candy bar. Besides, Coke does this much better by requiring simple things like smiles, laughs, and even just taking off your shoes.

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