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Do it on wheelie bins and regular bins you see down the street, then its good.

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here in brazil, is common to see those dumping bins in the streets.. and i tell u: there's lots of them...

then its pretty good...

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this is like a woman wearing too much make-up.
someone tried really hard and it shows.

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I don't know where you guys live, but we see a lot of those large dumpsters in cities like NYC, London, Berlin and São Paulo. I figure in other big cities it's the same.

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I don´t know where these creatives live ;-) but this idea was done about 5 years ago and is published in many books around the world. ok, ok it was done with regular bins and yes it works better than this large dumpsters.

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This is really fucking nice.. Esla. if it's exist show me an example. Please.

Beside it, i think it's really cool.

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Good stuff.

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The problem with using it in bins is that the original copy is literally "Enough of heavy food" (there is no literal translation of "junk food" to Portuguese). So it would kinda lose its meaning.

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done so many different ways with always the same idea!

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