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chintan ruparel
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oh, damn good! neat stuff...

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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Watch the ad in action!
Check out the VIDEO of the Juice Salon escalator.

A.G. Pennypacker's picture
A.G. Pennypacker
607 pencils

Hummmm. It seems this was a better idea in theory than in reality. The payoff shown in the print actually only lasts a split second because the escalator moves so fast. So for me, the video proves that the real life execution of this is a huge let down. A nice idea yes, but if it were mine, I'd only show a print comp. I'd NEVER show the video.

Andal's picture
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Agree, i was disappointed as well.
Smart and Funny Signature.

It's so easy to critic.

Mr.Top's picture
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I agree on this one

primo_susto's picture
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i disagree with you people, i like it most in action, is like "the infinite option line for your style"

Tincho's picture
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True, the problem is the speed of the escalator. It would be awesome but its not.

Pauflies's picture
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Maybe they put the direction of the escalator wrong? if you're going downstairs you see the face on the other side...
I don't understand...

biabitch's picture
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totally envious! i wish i thought of it!

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It's fast, but people can get it. Great work.

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wow !!

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hm not winner if you watched the video.. a shame for such a nice approach.
i think it would look better if they put it on a stair moving up. that way the hair would "grow" and would't look so weird

marco's picture
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Yah i have said in a few other ad feeds the same thing as wordnerd, works better when you approach it. Also that is hilarious the end bit on the video, they actually had to zoom up on the logo
cause its soooooo damn small; you can see that the people exit so fast they try to look at the logo but it isn't really working. This time the client would be right in saying "CAN WE MAKE THE LOGO BIGGER" That said....great idea.

Artchique's picture
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I agree the logo is too small. AND! I would have suggested rotating it 180 degrees. Everyone is staring down at the head tops as they get off, why make them turn around to see the logo right side up?

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Brilliant. One of those, "wish I would have thought of it" ideas.

I have no problem with the speed of the escalator either. I bet it reads fine if you're standing in front of it or on one of the steps, and it's engaging enough that people will take the extra half second to figure it out.

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great idea.. fresh i think

but yea its too fast. I saw them trying hard to get it.. but it still works when not crowded...(maybe slow down the elevator speed, its doable)


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hanoch john samuel
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its very nice well done

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King idea! Never seen and done

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good idea. but Escalator will not wait u to u clearly

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For all those who think this idea is difficult to get/ too fast / blah / blah, please remember that they just want to show the variety of styles available. It doesn't take a nuclear scientist to understand it.

I'd say it's smart and really cool. Maybe a winner.

It's all a big lie.

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It's a good idea.. but the escalator moves too fast to actually capture the concept.. at first when I saw the graphic i said this ambient is awesome! But after I saw the video I noticed that it was not actually as awesome as i thought it was..

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Margaret Gay
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great idea!!!

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I agree with Artchique.. it would be better if it were turned around, going up... otherwise, i still think its a cool idea... regardless if it goes fast, the message that Juice does a huge variety of styles is communicated.

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Beautiful. Wish I'd thought of this. Probably works only for an hour or so, since the pasted artwork will get ripped off by the escalator mechanism, but beautiful idea anyway.

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