Jif Mopp: Dirty board

JIF mopp is recommended by the Norwegian Asthmatic Organisation.

Background: JIF Mopp is the most known floor sweeper product in Norway. It uses a dry microfiber cloth that attracts dust.

Findings: JIF mopp is recommended by the Norwegian Asthmatic Organization.
Idea: An abribus board with the JIF microfiber cloth covering the board placed close to city traffic. The cloth gets dirtier every day.

Description: The logo and the text ‘Recommended by the Norwegian Asthmatic Organization’ are printed on transparent plastic plate on the top.
The cloth beneath the plate remains clean, so people can see how dirty the rest of the cloth has become.

Advertising Agency: Aich & Mokie, Oslo, Norway
Art Director: Andreas Aichberger
Copywriter: Morten Jacobsen
Additional credits: Per Andre-Ruud

May 2016


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we already know it cleans. You have the cool idea mixed up. The back part of the ad is what is interesting, find another way to use that.

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lame maaan!

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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i'm afraid it's been done guys. for keeping your whites whiter.

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There is a lot that has been done. It is perhaps the most common word on Ads of the World. "Done!"

If there has been an idea on clothes (keeping your whites whiter) why can't the teqhnique be used on different products? I haven't seen anything similar, but I'll bet there is some. Even so, something that has been done in Dubai or wherever has not been seen by the common customer in Norway. The creative idea does still have the same stop effect. Are we doing advertising to impress our collegues or are we doing advertising so that the client can get some new customers?

Ofcourse the cleverness of the idea can be discussed, but I am just pointing out that the word Done is being used too much on this forum. Why not discuss the relevance of the idea towards the target audience instead?

Just a thought.

Btw for those who can read norwegian there are more work from Aich & Mokie here: www.aichogmokie.no

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Honest Dave
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Yeah, kind of pricey since the payoff will only be for the people who walk down this street everyday. And since there are no people in these shots, seems like a waste of money.
(Even though its just photoshopped, BTW your missing the handle shadow in the first two)

However, I agree about the whole "Done!" thing on AOTW, people just love to say that, most of which I'm guessing haven't "done" anything themselves.

Maybe it would work better as an outdoor board where 1,000's of drivers drive past everyday on their way to work and can see the progression. Just my one cent.

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Awsome Idea ! to bad its only a speck job and student work. Try to sell it to JIF.
Honest Dave: the shot is taken near the sentral station of Oslo: its normally a very crowded place (doesnt really come out on these pics), but your right about the handle bar, it should show on the other side.

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really good idea. i like it.

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Is this for real? Looks photoshopped. The first two images are the same. The only difference is the mopp.

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what? you made the ad look like a mop for brand recognition?

since when was a mop a brand? thats selling the category, not the specific brand

you're also getting distracted from the idea, if its not necessary don't use it.

interesting product demonstration

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Answer to different questions:
- We have contacted JIF, and they gave us the go to place it online. Team Aich & Mokie produced this idea as a student work in 2007. SO yeah, it is photoshopped.

- The question about the mop as a brand recognition... Norway is a small country. This particular mopp has a specific visual design (green) that everyone knows as Jif Mopp. That way it gives very good brand recognition.

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Nice idea. Some suggestions:
1.Take two different photos of the front so it looks like the second photo really was taken a few days later. That's clearly the same photo.
2. Blur the mop pad and back green part just a little. They will look less shiny and photoshopped that way.
3. Don't ever write "Not necessary for the idea" in a presentation.

Hope those help.

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