Java Tea: Play Table in the Sky

To create the comeback of a JAVA TEA, a tea for meal. First

Advertising Agency: Frontage Inc., Tokyo, Japan
Creative Directors: Yasushi Machida, Tsuyoshi Ohka
Copywriters: Kinya Okamoto, Yoshifumi Nishihara
Agency Producers: Hirotaka Fukatsu, Daichi Ushiro
Account Executive: Minoru Kuboki
Production company: Taiyo Kikaku
Photographer: Senzo Ueno
Production Producer: Hideya Takita
Offline Editor: Tomohiro Suzuki
Online Editor: Dai Haga
Sound production company: Aiin
Music Arranger: Sato Yu

May 2012


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60 pencils


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2350 pencils

Ho hum.

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353 pencils

So... they booked a table at "Dinner in the Sky" (which was first pitched in 2004) and brought their own drinks? About as unique as hosting a club night and only selling your own booze.

who cares? ima play some tunes instead

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