James Ready: Bar-Ter Night

Students Bar-Ter beer caps for semi-awesome stuff. It's a well-known fact, students are relatively poor. They have to choose between spending their little money on beer or food, beer or books, and beer or transportation. The James Ready Bar-Ter Campus Tour was a way for students to have both. Beer and other necessities. Students were encouraged to spend their money on James Ready Beer, collet their beer caps and trade the caps for semi-awesome and useful stuff like detergent, soap, mac n' cheese, socks and so on.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Toronto Canada
Group Creative Head: Paul Giannetta, Sean Barlow
Creative Directors: Judy John, Israel Diaz
Art Director: Anthony Chelvanathan
Copywriter: Steve Persico
Published: October 2009


alvinivanicko's picture
263 pencils

very very interesting

diogorspd's picture
52 pencils

Clever and right to the target. Grats.

monsieurange's picture
520 pencils

Dangerous. I'm not so agree with promoting alcoholism in this way.

Adaddicted's picture
3435 pencils

"...Students were encouraged to spend their money on James Ready Beer..."
Pity you!


cirano's picture
32 pencils

good one

satrianee's picture
3748 pencils

"helping the needy"... really?
a little twisted mind's work.

collecting the beer caps looks a good idea for creating commitment...

michelangelo's picture
660 pencils

nice insight

Phil Lestino's picture
Phil Lestino
1686 pencils

I got 2 pencils for watching this!!! amazing....and I don't feel at all drinked...I mean Hic...Drunked...Hic...Pishhed!

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