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* it's not how good you are. it's how good you want it to be *

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why is it hard to cut a cucumber?

any knife will do..... :/

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Ultimate dejavu!!!

Please check out the One Show Design 2007 Silver pencil win, done by Grey Worldwide Beijing. This McCann campaign is EXACTLY the same as from Grey Beijing. The work from Grey Beijing featured a campaign of 5 item such Cucumber (dejavu), Carrot, Egg Plant, Meat (dejavu) & Salmon printed on the side of the cookbook (dejavu).

Is this Cannes Bronze a rip-off from Grey Beijing?

Does this 3 work qualify as an entry for Cannes Print category, which it won a bronze campaign?!

Or did both ad agency pinched the idea from a same source (dejavu)?

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its not how hard, its how thin u can cut.

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thinness is dependent on how a knife is designed for handling, sharpness is a given.
if it explains how well the 'knife' cuts thinly, compared to other brands, that would impress me - if cutting thinly is something im looking for. this is more of a fun attention-getting device; it sure got me, though not sure id remember the brand because i don't see a differentiating benefit.

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ah ah ah !!

Art Director FP7 Morocco

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