Ivo Rainha: CV over wheels

By the end of this year, the creative portuguese Ivo Rainha challenged himself: enhance his curriculum vitae! Tired of precarious jobs, the young man of 24 years old, is making a campaign to promote his work and consequently his CV. He created a different curriculum, putted it on a bicycle and started distributing his experience on the streets. But he didn't stop there! He called a friend and they made a video to project his idea outside Portugal and that way satisfy Passos Coelho's (Portuguese PM) wishes of getting a future abroad. The video, that doesn't pretend to be viral but expects to be seen with good eyes by the employers, shows a short timeline of Ivo's life with a demonstration of his daily life. Without a degree, but already with lots of experience, the young man has on his record design works, photography, communication, social networking and edition of contents. Here's the following balance for the concretion of the campaign (where it's not included the dinner payed to friends):
-Renting a bike: 11€/day
-Graphic CVs: 40€
-Big CV: 15€
-Business Cards: 34€

Creatives: Ivo Rainha, Rafael Lino


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