Iverhart MAX: Floor graphic

Kurt Wenner globally recognized anamorphic artist was hired to create the image that introduces the product and communicates the product benefit of protection. Worms in the foreground are intestinal parasites that the product protects against.

Agency: Calise & Sedei, Dallas, Texas, USA
Creative Director: Don Sedei
Art director: Darryl Vasilinda
Artist: Kurt Wenner


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What are they doing in the ground? A perfect example of thinking execution first, concept after.

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agree to you

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the execution is the idea here i guess.. but whatever it is.. i think its great art.

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I think the idea is just using a great artist and hoping for some publicity.

Advertising must not be confused with art. Art belongs in a museum. Not in a pharmaceutical ad. We must never forget that advertising is made for selling, not for artistic appreciation.

I'm with slim.

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So why does advertising contain so many paintings and other art forms such as photography, illustration, music?

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Because art doesn't pay as well as advertising and artists also need to pay their bills. I'm not saying we dont need the artistic stuff, that's why we have art directors, but when art is presented to me as advertising, with some brand on the side, i say, no thank you. This will never be advertising. It's totatlly out of context.

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Thanks for clarifying.

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i agree with you guys.

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slim, you're so sharp.
i wanna be like you.

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a cool execution does not an ad make

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and it's not Ambient

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Yeah, I need to write a definition about what I mean about the category ambient on AotW.

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this is a pretty cool illustration that leaves me with alot of questions... such as: why are the dogs and the worms in a bricked room under the ground? Why does it look as the the worms are escaping from under the box? if it's to show that they are in pain and trying to escape the medicine it's not getting the point across... it also gives the impression that the medicine will get rid of the worms in your dog, but really it's a preventative medication.

It would be better served to show the product as a kind of armor, more so than here, and have the worms not coming out from under the box, but being repelled.

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