Itupava: Dog

Brief: Everyone wants a way to make the car safer. Place alarms, films, etc. But these methods, however to help prevent, not prevent vehicle theft. The best way to minimize damage is to have insurance.

Solution: We created a "pamphlet" that simulates a mad dog in the car window, as if taking care of the car. On the back is the following text: "Is there a better way to take care of your car. Insure it. "

Advertising Agency: Beats, Curitiba, Brazil
Creative Director / Copywriter: Sulivan Cruz
Art Director: Edson Vaz

February 2012


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nice and understandable

kleenex's picture
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I agree.

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Did it say "a mad dog"? Then who'll protect the owner of the vehicle against the MAD dog? Jk.

Good work...But, the dog's arms are out and the car's window is up. Need to work on it, i think.

I love to be criticized. Logical though.

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funny nothing else.

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Dog arms are out because it is supposed to be an open window view.
A funny way to send a message. Definitely memorable.
Nothing wrong with the ad

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