ISHR: Zhaleg

The amount of stones it took to kill Zhaleg. Stop stoning.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Frankfurt, Germany
Creative Directors: Peter Buck, Udo Leichauer
Executive Creative Director: Kerrin Nausch
Chief Creative Officer: Andreas Pauli
Art Directors: Sergio Bernardo, Albert Schlierbach
Copywriter: Leonardo Assad


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stop stoning at us

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good job!

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like it!

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If in surrounding there would be not stone outside the poster


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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Funny ad (or mabye not:)


The frames could have been made in different sizes or even shapes - to make it more trustable and the stories even more terrifying. FX one rock for a child - and so on..

Christoffer - Cph

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The website URL isn't enough of a call to action here.

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I'd probably die from one accurately thrown stone.

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Fantastic Idea. Fantastic topic which is absolutely actual these times.

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stoning problem in germany is there??

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I am wondering how many can read the headline in germany. Why they hang up the posters not in german language - or its scam?

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If you want to see the posters in its original language, just visit the agency´s site. This is just a translation.

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stop stoning? are you kidding me?! and this idea of placing posters over images that peek through is so done. seriously, stoning!! are they going to do a "stop burning witches at the stake" next?

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i would agree with you.
unfortunately all along are news on the telly in which women suffer from stoning recently. at least in german television. it seems it is pretty much up to date these days. so dont blame the ad. blame the medieval living in some regions of the islamic world.

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yes it's very easy to be concerned only about what is in your general radius. We need plain, smart methods to bring to our attention the completely barbaric and prehistoric methods of punishment used by these people in such uncivilized societies. Without external pressures such behaviour can never be eradicated. Brilliant, straightforward, no-fuss advertising. Fantastic!!

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Those taliban don't give a shit on these posters. How effective can this be?

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I guess, the job of those posters is to make people in Germany aware of the problem. And for that I think they are pretty smart.

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who is Zhaleg?

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yeah, who is gelahz?

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