IR Magazine: Velofenders

Every spring in Latvia comes with a huge increase in bicycle thefts. Everyone knows it, but because of the state laws, police can’t do much about it. We had to change the situation, so we made an experiment called “Velofenders” (Bike theft).It involved 5 bikes equipped with GPS trackers, multiple online cameras, 16000 crime witnesses, every bike thief in Latvia and the local police. After the project IR magazine raised the topic and because of our experiment state police admitted that there is something wrong with the laws, so now they are working on a new and hopefully better law.

Advertising Agency: PIKA, Riga, Latvia
Creative Directors: Valters Jonats, Oskars Cirsis, Renars Liepins, Voldemars Dudums
Art Director: Martins Zutis
Photographer: Oskars Cirsis
Strategic Planner: Artis Krilovs
Project Manager: Rolands Puhovs
Published: April 2012

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