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Maccherone m’hai provocato ...

Boy, i’ve already expressed to you what I thought about it!

Now i explane you my point of view again:
I agree with you that an Ad have greater effect if integrated with a major campaign behind it, but this ad is however effective because:

I am not interested if the either’s purpose is honest or not, what’s interest me is the direct way to ask it, that makes you identify just in the moment when you are moved by a primary need.
and is not so easily accessible to children of the third world, then can move your guilt or your spirit of charity and with a very high probability you will make your donation. So I think the media has achieved its goal: your donation.

Over again i’m disagree with you because this advertising seem to me a different approach than that seen so far.
Certainly not enough to solve this problem, but it’s not forgetting that will change things!
Neither you, nor me have the means to solve world hunger, but it is convenient to forget and to pretend that the problem is not us!

It should not be change the approach of advertising, but the political and economic environment in which we live must be change; however at this point it seems to me that resulted in another topic that is more “science fiction” than political issues

Now i’m going to work, in the meantime you can study, so If you have suggestions about interesting new ways, the world is listining to you!

... Sei Pesante!


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