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whts in the name
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if i understand the media, this guy should walk over the town and people should bend over his belly to get the message!

Everybody is creative, be yourself.

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Yea! what if this guy gives them a punch on their face? Scary huh!!

The idea is just ok as far as i understand it...

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Reminds the Inflatable Globe Toys'R'us ad.

Not bad idea for inflatable bellys. Just don't know if anyone fat without sense of humour would use that one.

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sanju ayyar
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Too clever, and too cold.'s picture
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i do not know about the campaigne
but the shirt is funny

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This wouldn't work, only if you stopped someone and said, 'look at my belly... see? the valve? and powerhouse? you know the gym?'

It's only an ad.

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me thinks
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Certainly NOT happening.

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Only the ad creator would noticed this! Ohhh, hold on...maybe they can move the valve higher, like to the nipple!!!

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It could work just as a funny t-shirt. Not as advertising, I believe.
In God I trust

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It is a funny t-shirt. And I think some fat hilariously funny men would wear them. And the jollier the fat man, the better branding for the t-shirt. I like it alot.

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its a fukin cool teeshirt, not sure about idea

does any body know where to get these or who makes them?

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i think it's a good idea,but it's not practical

to make it easier :it may be a mock-up for that fat man with ballon and somehow is flying a little bit from the earth

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would have been good (if the same idea didnt pick up in cannes [as press] a few year ago).

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the valve stuff on the belly already won something at the new york festivals in 2003 for "limes" sportsclub :-(

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anyone remember the breast-enlargement ad with the inflation valves in place of the nipples? was in the One Show a few years ago.

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burp!!! nice one.....

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whts in the name
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whts in the name's picture
whts in the name
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