ING Direct: Human Billboards

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Milan, Italy
Executive Creative Director: Sergio Rodriguez
Creative Director: Enrico Dorizza
Copywriters: Santiago Saiegh, Matteo Lazzarini
Art Director: Roberto Piazza
Photographer: Nahuel Berger
Client Creative Director: Corrado Cardoni


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If the translation is "ask us what you want" then this is more fun than first sight. Very sceptical as to any value beyond post-event buzz, and totally disbelieve any bank having most of its custom through WOM- sack your researcher, or tell us who it is so I can go get them to prove my unicorn theory. Saying that, looks like these guys were well prepared for a day answering bank questions...

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Are these real people or mannequins? If they are real, I feel sorry for them.

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so the guy strapped to the side of the bus will answer my bank questions? i would just want to ask him if he feared for his life.

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LOL! yeah I like how far they took it : )

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I am so freaking confused. Are these real people? How many occupational health and safety regulations are we breaking here?

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@Guest - you clearly don't know Italy, Italians or their politics if you think they would ever care or consider occ health & safety. But I agree! And YES they are real people, see the video here:!

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commendable... tthis is called innovative outdoor.

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