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A very cleaver idea. Nice one!

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Yes a good idea. Railway crossings in Indonesia were (are?) both hilarious and dangerous. Java is the most populous island on earth and as a result people there are always in a rush to get anywhere. Have been there and worked there in the eighties. Come to a railway crossing, the gate is down and a slow train is going by. Cars stop of course but then other cars come up along side hoping to be the first across when the gate raises until cars stretch right across the road. Then the motorcycles come and fill up the spaces between the cars. Then the bicycles come and fill up what space remains. Train passes, gates are raised, and a solid phalanx of cars, motorcycles, and bicycles face a solid phalanx coming their way. Big "Uh oh" moment!
Was at a crossing one morning on the way to work and traffic appeared to be unusually well tied up. What happened was two fellows anxious to cross the tracks after the train had passed had run past the end of it straight into the path of a train going the other way. They were well minced up.

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Nice work. Very clever.

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this is great stuff.... clever indeed!

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good one!! like it!

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Nice idea, but nothing special really.

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Very nice execution. I like

Inspiration graphique et publicité créative : Publiz

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i like ambient!

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Bad taste..

"Bright ideas bring better results"

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Patata Casada
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It works. I would NEVER cross that gate. :S

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I like it

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I'm trying to work out what's more dangerous. People dodging the crossing as the gates are down
or the fact that people are clearly RIDING ON TOP OF THE TRAIN.

I think Indonesia Railways priorities are a little messed up.

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i would never cross it, because of that, it works.... but, beside that, i find it a little wierd...

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when i saw the thumbnail, i thought it was ambient for a knife brand.

i like the idea and if you say it works, i like it even more.

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Jakarta Jack

Where is the rest of this awareness campaign? It doesn't exist because it is scam...

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jakarta jack, could you do something better than post bad comment like that?!

Jakarta Jack's picture
Jakarta Jack

Istiko: NO.

I give good comments to work that deserves it. This simply doesn't. It is a scam and it does no good to anyone.

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good work, one of the most ambient!!!

Lucas Advertising

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bad photoshop

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rama pranendra
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badass!! obviously gonna make me stop! 10!

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