Inclusie Invest: You can’t live in a waitinglist

In Belgium, about 5.000 disabled people are on a waiting list for a disabled-friendly house. To make the public aware of that acute housing shortage, 6 disabled people decided to squat an old mansion in Brussels. Their motto? You can’t live in a waiting list. In that very, shabby house, the 6 disabled squatters also recorded their own version of Madness’ well-known hit Our House. The breath-taking video clip, performed by 1 blind, 3 people with Down syndrome and 2 wheelchair patients, was directed by Guy Goossens. The street of the squatted house was also recreated online on People who like the campaign can squat along virtually, letting the house grow and grow.

Advertising Agency: TBWA, Brussels, Belgium
Creative Directors: Jan Macken, Gert Pauwels
Creatives: Bout Holtof, Geert Feytons
Accounts: Katrien Crabbe, Mieke Michels, Geert Potargent
Strategy: Vicky Willems


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my mind bursts
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I'm currently doing an MA in online learning which includes an entire module on accessibility for disabled students - this ad is the perfect metaphor in relation to e-learning as, just like housing provision here, the disabled student with sight, hearing, mobility or learning impairments is too often left unprovided for, disadvantaged and waiting in limbo.

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I say it is a nice idea.

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Klara K.
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I don't know if it were intentional but if it were it's so relevant! Reminds of the escape from a nursing home scene in Cloud Atlas. It's hearthwarming to watch.

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