Inakadate Village: Rice-code

A small village in northeast Japan famous for rice, Inakadate, was struggling with aging and declining population along with drop in rice sales. To save the village, we created huge art pictures in rice fields. We then developed a new technology called "rice-code," which let visitors scan the rice art with their phones like a QR code and purchase the rice. "rice-code" transformed a scene into a brand new selling place. The project successfully attracted 251,320 visitors, about 30 times the population of the village and sales jumped dramatically. Ground, the men’s most primitive outdoor media, became the newest.

Technical Advisor: Akihiro Okada / Ants Inc.
technical Director: Hirochika Matsuo / Shake Inc.

Advertising Agency: Hakuhodo, Tokyo, Japan
Executive Creative Directors: Kazuhiro Suda, Airo Takanohashi
Creative Director: Takahiro Eguchi
Copywriters: Masako Shimizu, Kei Nakamura
Designer: Keita Kojima
Project Curator: Masateru Kametani
Project Producer: Takatoshi Asari / Inakadate Village Office
production Producers: Takehito Shina, Koki Yamaguchi / Nippon Movie
Editor: Tomohiro Matsumoto / Root Works

June 2014


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Pete R.
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This is the most beautiful and creative campaign I've seen in my entire life. I would give 100 stars if I could.

Art & Illustration

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Very nice rice!

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william guillaume

This kind of project exists since 2006...

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Roshan Quintus
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Rice art was anyway there in japan and QR code is done to death. WOW!

bite me

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Stella Prather

Awesome campaign !

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