IKEA: Mänland, Nursery for Men

You've probably seen the 'boyfriend chair' in clothing stores for bored shopping companions. Now IKEA has taken the concept one step further by creating a “crèche” for retail-weary men, complete with Xbox consoles, pinball machines, continuous televised sport and free hot dogs. MÄNLAND is being trialled for four days this Father's Day weekend [Sept 2 in Aus.] as a male-only play space to hang out in while wives and girlfriends peruse the aisles. Publicity manager Jude Leon said the idea was modelled on the Swedish furniture giant’s existing child play area, SMALAND. Ms Leon said women were given a buzzer to remind them to collect their other half after 30 minutes of shopping.

Advertising Agency: The Monkeys, Australia
Via: work that matters


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lol, the best part is the buzzer that all the women got so that could be reminded to pick up their men.... nice!

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Done, i think by Heineken.
and many more.

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Non ci posso credere!!!

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Big McLargehuge
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I approve... only because I relate to the horror of being stuck in the NYC IKEA with an overzealous, detail-oriented girlfriend. Any idea to alleviate that agony is something I can agree with.

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Done. Besides this idea of man as a cave man that only wants to drink beers and play is as old as this lazy ad

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A buzzer is not fair!!!

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Haha, lot of fun!

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Paolo Buatti
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This is the next step after the child-park...ridiculous

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