We welcome a new client

August 2013

We welcome a new client


We (Brand24) wanted to welcome a new client (IKEA Poland) to our family. Instead of creating another boring press release, we decided to create a video featuring our company's founders in pretty unusual situation. We also wanted to prove you can do something valuable with a small budget and time-frame. Results: 54 000 Youtube views in first two days. It became top 10 most popular and most shared videos in Poland. Video shares increased IKEA buzz by over 350%. With 99% positive opinions, it has become one of the most successful viral campaigns in Poland.

Advertising Agency: Brand24
Creative Director: Michal Sadowski
Copywriters: Michal Sadowski, Karol Wnukiewicz
Film Director: Dariusz Majewski

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can answer any questions for you guys? :)

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Yeah, why have all your friend voted 10 to this campaign? It´s so forgettable

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Well, It's effects say otherwise :)

I am sorry, you don't like it.

PS: Believe me, if my friends got here, it would be a lot more than 26 votes.

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I like it, and how often advertising agencies do this to new clients??