IGEPA Paper: Terrorfax

Hello Mr Gärtner, don`t worry if your fax paper runs out: now 500 sheets only 3,49 Euro.
Hello Mr Gärtner don`t you think it`s about time to order more fax paper? Now 500 sheets only 3,94 Euro.
Hello Mr Gärtner, of course you can also just order by phone: 040 72 77 72 90.
Hello Mr Gärtner, today is sunday. So no advertisement today.
PS: Oder now and get even more fax paper: 1000 sheets now only 6,98 Euro.

Agency: Springer & Jacoby, Hamburg, Germany
Art Director: Sven Klasen
Copywriter: Toni Selzer
Creative Directors: Tobias Stutznäcker, Thomas Knobloch
Graphics: Sonia Raeder