IFAW: Guts

Disgusting, isn't it?

Advertising Agency: Republic of Everyone/Happy Soldiers, Sydney, Australia
Creative Director / Art Director / Copywriter: Happy Soldiers
Photographer: Adrian Lander
Retoucher: Electric Art
Released: December 2007


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Yes, and meaningless. There's no call to action.

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w plus k_ad
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The URL stopwhaling.com.au is enough of a call to action for me.

Although I question how many of these really ran. One, maybe two. I mean, come on. All those guts have to come from something. If they ran more than two, we'll soon be seeing an all new poster campaign:

"Stop the senseless killing of animals to use their innards in 'Stop Whaling' posters."

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So cynical for one so young.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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You don't think they'd be real guts, do you? This is advertising, we don't shoot real food for ads either.

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We do.

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Powerful. I like it!

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That poor mermaid!

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A big burden, the creators should have been whacked by that tennis racket!

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Spoken like a true planner.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Charlie Pratt
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As much as I hate the phrase "call to action," I think I agree. Like a bowl of cereal with no milk or something more comparatively relevant.


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what they want to communicate???

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i doubt even one ran. looks like they took a picture of some guts against a wall. then photoshopped in the poster.

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drunk dave
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It was for a poster/art installation. So yes, it ran. And no, I didn't do it so I'm not being biased. And f me, but this is powerful imagery that gets the message across. Although the same could be said for having a MacDonalds burger.

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if it ran, it's not bad. but it's a little hard to believe they would or could leave a pile of guts to rot on the sidewalk. aside from the obvious health code violations, it would more likely piss people off at the organization than the whalers.

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drunk dave
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Go to www.bestadsontv.com and get a full run down of the campaign.

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thanks for the link. but if they submitted a fake ad to one site, why wouldn't they submit it to another?

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I like it.

(Answer for W Plus...: You dont have to be killing dogs or cats in the streets to get those guts, you can get them from a butchers shop, or something like that)

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So the message is to stop whaling because it's disgusting? You could say the same of the fabrication of sausages and considering the edges of the poster, this looks like a shop.

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what a waste of minced meat, they couldve fed a few hungry people with that!

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i like it - and so does my dog. where is it?

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Luz Valdez
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This is so burdensome. Can you whack them with rotten, oversized shoes and tennis racket, especially the wanabe?

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Growsssssssssss, like it.

Jonathan Betancur

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I'm sure it's actually just a bunch of rope/twine painted red and epoxy glued together.

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And why is the Peta ad, where the person is beating up another for there coat, any better?

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Mr. Fireman
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Nice one

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Urk, too much to me :x

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but it away

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