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Funny and relevant.

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i sort of left my brain(s?) at home, or someplace else, not sure, and i don't know much about skiing, could somebody explain what the stool is about? or why Ian thinks its funny?

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jungle boy
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the stool has nothing to do with the skiing..
its for the children to stand on to read the poster.

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ok...again nice idea but taken only half way. if they would have made the lower part of the poster with detacheble flyers, or business cards, for the kids to take, I would have understood the stool. but...in this execution, it the only thing that I understand is that they adress children with eye problems...can't read? get closer...here's stool..get up and closer..can u read now?

"U think it's perfect?! Press delete and start again!"

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It would have been better if the idea revolved around the "whys" of focusing, not just showing a child skiing, and it could have been a striking ad.

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Anybody who has *ever* been around one of these kiosks knows that this poster will be covered up with something else inside an hour and the stool will be long stolen by then.

Yet another what-were-they-thinking ambient...

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my thoughts exactly. additionally, the stool would make a nice mold for igloo bricks.

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i would ve stole the stool!!! :)

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Nice idea. But it wont last a day.

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Guest commenter

Or um... one could stick the poster lower down.

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